Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Love To Read-Knit Angie

One of my favorite PDF pattern designers is Scientific Seamstress.  Carla, the sexy brains
behind SS, was a molecular biologist turned designer.  She has written several pattern books and has an entire library of sewing patterns for sale.
She commonly joins forces with Sis Boom, a fabric designer, to create a different series of pattern as well. Check out all the Sis Boom patterns!

You can see my other SS/SB items:

For the month of February, Scientific Seamstress is having an I Love to Read Challenge.  Pick 
 one of your favorite books, use a Scientific Seamstress or Sis Boom pattern and create an outfit for yourself or child!

I thought and thought and thought.  Of course, I was going to make myself a dress.  
Thinking about all of their women's pattern and my favorite books, I had a hard time linking
the two together. So I migrated to Ali's book shelf. 

I grabbed I Wish That I Had Duck Feet.  The mom wears a dress I think is classic and a
perfect choice for an Angie flip.

Just the day before, I SCORED at the thrift shop.  Found 1.5 yards of teal 4 way ITY knit fabric.  Couldn't have been more perfect for this challenge.

Changes I made:

1.  Added elbow length sleeves with 1.5" cuffs
2.  Widen the neck binding
3.  Decreased the width of the skirt to be slightly less gathered
4.  Shortened the bodice to high waist.

The Angie is prescribed as a woven fabric dress.  
To change to knit, you will first need to size down the bodice.  
Sizing down by 1 size should be sufficient for tshirt knit with a 50% stretch.  If you are using
a knit that has more than 50% stretch, you may consider two sizes.  Doing a muslin is always the best option.  With a tshirt knit, you won't have to line the bodice.  With a thin knit, like mine, you 
will want to line it.  You could line it with the same fabric, but I would highly recommend lining the bodice with a tshirt knit for stability.
Because knit stretches, you should consider shortening your bodice by a smidgen.  The bodice will pull down with the weight of the skirt. Pin your skirt on and test the pull to determine how much you need to cut off.
The Angie has elastic along the back bodice/skirt seam line.  This is still ok to do with knit; I did it.  If you do not want the elastic in the back, you will want to narrow your back bodice piece at the side seams. The stretch of the knit will still allow you to get the dress on without the elastic back.

If you have more questions on changing the Angie to knit, you can contact me through blog comments, on Ali Cat Facebook page, or via email at alicatcompany (at) gmail (dot) com.

LOVE my knit Angie.  She is so comfortable, flowy, and perfect for spring.
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