Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 5: Swoon Eloise Wallet Sewalong- Zipper Pouch, Accordian Tabs, andFinish

Last day!  It's an easy day, so let's finish up!

Grab your interior zipper and your four zipper pouch pieces.

Place your zipper along one of the interfaced zipper pouch pieces, right sides together.  Change to a zipper foot, if that pleases you. 

When you get close to your zipper pull, lower you needle, lift the presser foot, and move the zipper pull out of your way.  Finish sewing.

Take one of the non-interfaced pouch pieces, place it face down on the wrong side of the zipper but the same side of the zipper we just sewed the interfaced piece to.  
The fabrics will be right sides together. Pin.

Following the stitching we just did, sew the lining pouch piece on.

This is what it will look like.

Iron the pieces so they are wrong sides together.

We will repeat these instructions for the other side of the zipper.

Unzip your zipper. Match the two interfaced pieces together and the two lining pieces together, right sides together..  Pin. Starting towards the corner of the lining, sew around the pouch leaving a 4" opening at the bottom of the lining.

Tuck in the opening seam allowance. Pin in place.

Sew the opening closed.

Tuck your lining in and zip 'er up!

Accordion Tabs

Grab all four tabs.

Take one, fold it in half, right sides together, matching short edges.

Sew along both short edges at 1/4" seam allowance.

Turn right side out and press well.

Take the folded edge and fold it over towards the raw edge. Leave the folded edge 1/2" away from the raw edge.  See 2nd photo below.

Top stitch long the second fold. Repeat for the other 3 accordion tabs.

Matching raw edges, pin the accordion tabs on the main compartment lining.
The tabs should be pinned on so that the fold opens on top. Match the tab bottom with the bottom of the pleat.

Repeat for all tabs.  It is also helpful to pin the tabs open.

Baste the tabs on at 1/4" SA. Leave the tabs pinned open.
Pin the main compartment exterior to the main compartment lining. Remember to pin the two so the two pleat sides match with the large Peltex pieces.

On a side without a zipper end, start sewing close to a corner.

When you reach a zipper end, stop sewing and back stitch at the same place you stopped sewing your zipper.

Move across to the other side of the zipper.  Sew around until you reach the beginning side, but leave a large opening for turning.  Trim your seam allowances.  Do NOT sew over the zipper!

When turning, it's helpful to grab the farthest end away from the opening and pull it through.

If you sewed the trifold compartment on, the step can be tricky.  Very, very tricky.

In this case, my peltex began separating from the fabric.  You don't want that to happen.
If that happens to you, slow down and turn carefully.

Once turned, press well and push the opening seam allowance back in.  At this time, you can press the wallet, making the double sided peltex adhere to the lining.

Top stitch around the compartment, but once again, do not sew over zipper ends.

Slide your zipper pouch in.

Pull out the accordion tabs and line up the zipper pouch.

Pin all three layers together.

Sew it all together!

Repeat for the other side.

You're done!

Thank you SO much for joining the Swoon Eloise wallet sewalong. 
PLEASE share your wallet photos on the Swoon Patterns Group on Facebook.
Also, please leave any feedback you have for the sewalong-good or bag-so we can improve for the next one!