Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Little Plumcake Spring Dress

This child of mine is adorable, prepare yourself for a cuteness overload.

My Little Plumcake is red hot this spring. She has great style, clean lines and what I can 
only describe as new designs with a classic look. MLPC patterns are sweet and adorable.  
Both of my children like them!

Introducing the MLPC Spring Dress.
It has a lined and fun shaped bodice with a button tab back closure and gathered skirt.
For extra detail, the bottom sides of the skirt, curve up to meet.

I'm a broken record here, but her instructions are very clear and great for beginners.
Pinning the bodice to the skirt requires extra attention to get smooth curves, but the rest is easy peasy sewing.

Cookie Dough wouldn't put Pup down.
Please tell me how FREAKIN' ADORABLE she is!

 Absolutely refused.
I can't blame her; he's a trusty companion. 

But a photo shoot had to take place.
I even gave Pup his own stepping stone.
Nope.  Not okay, mommy.

With Pup back in hand,we are a happy girl again.

Got Pup down, but the hands are up.  
I can't be upset with this cutie PLUS she gives kisses on demand.

In case you were fooled that Pup wasn't around.

Yep, those checks are tastier than marshmallows.

I love comments and Cookie likes praise.  What do you think about MLPC Spring Dress?