Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Little Plumcake Cordelia Dress

I recently found the Cordelia top by My Little Plumcake. I love the sweetheart design. 
(The top is actually on SALE the entire month of February!)

MLPC had a blog post on changing the top to a dress.
Ali likes dresses, so I opted for the single layer dress.

I used Sarah Jane cotton for the top and bottom pieces, and a satin for the middle piece.
I really like the fabric mix up; it brings a bit of pizazz!

The bodice is fully lined with a key hole opening for easy slip on/off.
This is great because Ali wants to dress herself.
MLPC instructions are exquisitely detailed with a photo or two for each step.
All her patterns are perfect for beginners wanting to advance their skills.  

Pinning the front top and bottom bodice pieces together took a bit of time and patience.  
Go slow while you sew to get a nice and even curves.
After that step, the construction is a breeze.  You can whip one of these up in less than 3 hours, including cutting.  
Picking fabrics is NOT included in that time estimate.  That added on an extra hour for me. yikes!

After 20 photos into the photo shoot, Ali was ready for her surprise. 

You can find MLPC in several places!

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