Monday, March 31, 2014

Swoon Dorothy Sewalong Day 1: Print, Cut, Stabilize

Welcome to the Swoon Dorothy Sewalong! I am so glad you are here!
Let's get started.

You can find the pattern here (affiliate link): Dorothy Day Tripper

1 yard exterior fabric, quilting or home decor weight
1.5 yard interior fabric, quilting weight
2 packages of pre-made piping
3 yards Pellon Craft-fuse 808 or mid-weight fusible interfacing of choice
1 yard fusible fleece (Pellon Thermolam)
1/2 yd light-med interfacing (you can use Craft-fuse)
24″ all-purpose zipper (22" zipper will work as well)
2 9" zippers
Coordinating thread

We will be making a few changes to the pattern.  I am changing the handle style (it will still be shoulder bag length) so that we can install a zipper pocket on the exterior.
If you do not want to make those changes, then you will only need 1 9" zipper for the interior pocket. 

Cut out all your fabric and stabilizer according to the pattern pieces but  

In addition to the pattern pieces,
Cut 2 pocket pieces 11 x 15.
Cut 2 Craftfuse 11x15.

You can find the new handle piece HERE.
If you want the original handle style, then cut 2 pieces 4"x 40" of fabric and interfacing.

The exterior and interior pocket pattern piece are on the main panel piece, just fold down the top to the dashed lined as indicated on the pattern.
Like such.

After everything is cut.

 If you would like to include an exterior pocket, take one main panel fleece piece.
We will cut out a rectangle.

On the fold, measure 2.25" down, mark.  Then make another mark at 3.75.

Close up pic

Our zipper is 9" and we want the hole to be a bit larger, so measure over 5" to create a 10" rectangle.

Connect all the dots and cut out the rectangle

Removing the fleece makes sewing the zipper MUCH easier!

Let's fuse. 
For your exterior pieces, fuse Craftfuse 808 to all the pieces.

 Then fuse the fleece on top of the 808 on the exterior pieces.
For the top zipper panels, the fleece will be along one long edge of the fabric, leaving 1/2" fabric and Craftfuse only.  That 1/2" is where we will install the zipper.  We don't want fleece there.

Fuse Craftfuse to the interior pieces and pocket pieces.
 Fuse the interfacing to the handle pieces.

 Come back tomorrow for day 2-prep work!

If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment, send me an email, or
find me on the Swoon Patterns Group on Facebook.