Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Diedlebug Handmade: Restful Reader

Well, she has come out with a second pattern that is just as fast, practical, and cute.

(Giveaway below!)

This came at the perfect time for me.  Little Cookie Dough was waking up at the ungodly hour of 4am.  I made the restful reader one evening and the next morning-very early morning, I snapped it on her new big girl bed.

As you can see, she took to it immediately. The next morning, she read quietly (with loud giggles) in her bed until 4:45am.  45 extra minutes of sleep!

The details
  • fabric:  cotton about 1.25 yards or 3/4yd main and 1/2yd accent
  • light to medium weight stabilizer-like shapelfex
  • 3 KAM snaps or Velcro
  •  Piping-I used ric rac instead
Plus about 3 hours of your time.  
This fits perfectly on cribs or any bed that has a rail to hang.  
If you can't hang it on the bed, you could also install a low curtain rod on the wall to hang the sling!
(Remember to measure your rails to ensure the straps will fit around.)

Verdict:  You need this pattern.

My oldest was/is a bit jealous she doesn't have one.  They both love it and makes for great entertainment when we are all upstairs getting ready.

Now for the best part-A GIVEAWAY!

Enter below for a free copy of the Restful Reader!