Saturday, January 31, 2015

Custom Swoon Dallas Gym Bag

I don't sell bags often, and even rarer do I do custom bags for people.  However, I received an Etsy message one day inquiring, so decided to take it on.

She wanted Dallas for a gym bag. She's a swimmer and asked for a special PUL pocket to put her wet swimsuit in.

Another request was a sturdy canvas for the exterior.  She likes natural looking fabric and greens/blues.  After a few days of searching, she settled on Pennants Waving by Cloud9 in the Koi Canvas line. I agree, it is gorgeous!

We wanted the handles durable, but something prettier than webbing.  Vinyl was an option, but she chose grey faux suede.

The interior is 1/2 PUL with an elastic PUL pocket.  I cut the pocket 1.5 times the length of the interior main panel.

The other half of the interior and the interior sides is Tula Pink Moon Shine Deer Me in Indigo.  This keeps with the fun, natural, blue/green theme. (And my favorite Tula Pink fabric.)

I'll be honest, it took me a week (on and off) to make this bag.  I really took my time to make it as perfect as possible.  This is why I don't sell bags.  My OCD and stress level sky rocket.
Another reason it took so long is because my walking foot constantly kept falling apart.  Literally, falling apart mid stitching.  I use my walking foot more than any other foot.  I am quite upset about this.  Every few minutes, I'm screaming at my husband to fix it again.  The tiny little pin inside is wiggling out causing the whole foot to go kaput.  Hubby says we either need to get super glue or he can buy a different pin to put in it.  I don't care how it gets *permanently* fixed but it needs to happen ASAP.

Back to the bag.  I'm very pleased with how this Dallas turned out and I hope the customer is happy!