Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sis Boom Carolina Mae Dress

Sis Boom and Scientific Seamstress have released their newest pattern: Carolina Mae!
Miss Carolina Mae has two neckline options: high and low.  I chose low, of course.
Combined with a high waistband and semi-full sleeve, Carolina Mae is a stunning lady.

The brilliant Carla Hegeman Crim, mind behind Scientific Seamstress, designed this bodice to be the perfect fit.  You will find different cutting lines for cup size, bust measurement, rib cage measurement, and option for a full bust adjustment.  So much work went into making this bodice, you can't go wrong when sewing!
Sizes: XS to 3X
Difficulty: low intermediate
Fabric: woven-light to medium weight
Fabric amounts: 2 yards to 6 yards depending on size and length of dress

Paired with a matching Swoon Coraline clutch (but with a strap).
I'm ready for a hot date.

As always, the instructions are impeccable.  Simple zipper installment, clear illustrations with every step, and unnested pattern pieces so you only print the size you need!
Also includes 6 charts to ensure you pick the right size and length of skirt and sleeves. 
Oh yea-did I mention the sleeves? You can chose sleeveless or sleeved.  Short sleeves or 9 different long sleeve measurements to fit you perfectly.

Low scoop back shows off my wild side.

Go check out the other Sis Boom and Scientific Seamstress patterns. You won't be disappointed!