Thursday, January 22, 2015

Swoon Bonnie SAL Day 4: Complete

Last day of the Swoon Bonnie sewalong!

It will be an easy and fast day, so let's get those bags finished!

Handles and Connectors
Fold your handle piece in half, hot dog style. And Press.  Open and press the raw ends to meet the middle fold you just pressed. If you are using leather or vinyl, you will need to do this all at once in small portions, clipping as you go.


The fold the handle in half again along original fold line. Pin or clip.

Repeat for connector pieces.

Top stitch down each side of the handle and connector pieces.

What it will look like.

Fold connector in half, sliding the O-ring or loop on.  Matching raw edges, center the connector at the side seam of the bag.  Baste at 1/4".  Repeat with other connector, loop, and opposite side seam.
(I took a photo of this and for some reason blogger hates the picture.  It will not upload, sorry.)
Here is the picture from the instructions.

Exterior right side out and interior wrong side out.  Put the exterior into the lining, matching side seams.

Clip or pin around the top of the bag.  Sew at 1/2" seam allowance.

Trim seam.

Pull bag right side out through opening left in the lining. Push the top lining down into bag.

I like to clip the top of my bag to make nothing shifts.  Iron if necessary.  Top stitch top of bag.

Take handle piece and slide through ring or loop.  Fold the raw edge under 1/2" stitch to handle about 1" above the loop.  I like to do 2 or 3 rows of stitching. Make sure the fold is not on the outside of your bag!  Repeat for the other end of the handle and the other loop/ring.

Pull your lining out.  Tuck the raw edges of the opening in by 1/2" and stitch the opening closed.

Done!  Congratulations!

Thank you for joining the sewalong.  Please contact me with any feedback-positive or negative!
Happy Sewing!