Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Wear Designs: La Croix Top REVIEW

Winter Wear Designs just released La Croix Cross Over Reversible Women's Top. 
Price: Intro pricing until 2-16-15 is $7.  Full price is $9.95

The La Croix top is a fully reversible Women's knit top with 3 sleeve lengths.  There are so many options with this top and we will talk about them all!
Like I said, this top can be fully reversible.  There is an option for it to not be reversible, if you so choose.  With this version, you have a scoop front neck, and a draped V-neck back and binding along the back neck line. As with all the options, you can add short, 3/4, or long sleeves to the top or just leave it sleeveless like I did here.
For my first shirt, I did the non-reversible option.  The front of the shirt is your basic t-shirt knit, it's rather thin but so comfortable.  The back of the shirt is black stretch lace; it makes me feel sexy, as does this leather mini skirt!

You absolutely need to use a stretch material for this pattern.  I think something with a 25% stretch is good.  This is a relaxed fitting shirt, so you don't want a super stretchy fabric.
Difficulty level: 2 out of 5 (advanced beginner)
Seam allowance included: 3/8"
Size: Bust: High Hip: Hip (inches)
XXS: 28: 27.5; 31.5
XS: 31: 31.5; 34.5
S: 33: 33: 36
M: 35.5: 35: 38
L: 38: 38: 41
XL: 41.5: 41: 44
XXL: 45: 45: 47
XXXL: 48: 48: 52
Charts included in tutorial:
  • Sizing
  • Binding measurements
  • Fabric Requirements
  • Printing
Instructions:  Each step has a clear photo and written instructions.  This is a simple and fast top to make.  Definitely a nap time creation.  The only change I made to my shirts is I did not gather the V-neck panel that lies underneath.  When I made a muslin, I gathered both and felt there was a bulge from the bottom gathered panel.  When I made both of my real shirts, I only gathered the outer V-neck panel.

This pattern requires binding the neckline.  Knit binding can be squirrelly so I do recommend using a stable knit.  On my first top (lace back), I used a thin knit for the binding and I regret that decision now.  It was difficult to iron and keep a crease thus difficult to sew and make pretty. For my second shirt (below) I used a more stable knit and had much better results with the binding.

The second La Croix top I made is completely reversible.  Totally a cool feature; it can match your personality of the day.  Here I used basic t-shirt knits and only one accent panel for the V-neck portion.  (Sorry, I know these photos are the worst.)

When the V-neck is on the back, it drapes down very nicely but not so low to show your bra.

With the V-neck on the front, the bresticals hold up the V-neck panels.

My measurements are 34 (bust) 33(high hip) and 34(hip).  I made an XS muslin and liked the fit.  I typically like more fitted garments rather than loose.  I cut on the regular length cutting line (for 5'4"-5"7" ladies).  There is a shorter cutting line for petite gals. If you want the shirt longer, I would extend the shirt by the designed amount at the shorter cutting line.

I think my favorite option is reversible with V-neck in the front.  I can't wait to make another with long sleeves!

Whether you have the V neck on the front or back, this is a seductive top.  I received lots of compliments from the man in the house.

Check out Winter Wear Designs' Etsy Shop.  They have lots of other adorable patterns!