Monday, February 23, 2015

Izzy and Ivy Petunia Bag

Originally reviewed on the Pattern Revolution blog.


*tune of Fergalicious*
Ruffalicious definition make them other bags be boring
They want my treasure so they get their pleasures from my flaring
You can hold me; you can tote me.
But don't you dare demote me
I got reasons why I bet 'em
Other bags come and go like seasons

Don't think I'm crazy;  I know you have that song in your music library.

I am here to review Petunia Bag by Izzy and Ivy Designs.
Holy cuteness, Batman!
(Side note:  I want the Tallulah Top in my size)

Back to the bag.
Difficulty: Intermediate
Time: 6.5 hours
Materials: lots
Eye Candy Factor: 110 out of 100


The Petunia pattern is not difficult, but you need to be familiar with basic bag construction.
If you have made a bag or consider yourself a solid intermediate seamstress; then
you can make this very easily.

Bags, in general, are always a bit more time consuming due to applying stabilizer.
Wouldn't be aaa-mazing if fabric came pre-interfaced?  I'd buy it all.

Because of the ruffles, this bag uses a lot of fabric-4ish yards.
Who cares though? Did you see the eye candy factor? Enough said.

The exterior is 8 ruffles.  The interior has a snap closure and two slip pockets.
The best aspect of this bag- no special bag hardware.  No need to impatiently wait for the mail to come.  You will easily be able to find everything at your local fabric store.

My humble opinion: Petunia is a fun bag.
I can't wait to take her out and let her wallow in compliments.
Petunia sits well on the shoulder and snug against your side. I like mid-day cuddles.
You could totally have one long strap and make her a crossbody bag.  That would be fab.
The fabric called Tea Time by Makower. It's it yummy?
The blue is your basic Kona special.

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