Monday, July 29, 2013

Sis Boom Jamie Dress

There is currently a Sis Boom Jamie Sew-A-Long happening; here's Day 1.  It's only 4 days long, very fast sew.  I wanted to participate because the pattern was on sale for $5!
Sis Boom always has great patterns, easy instruction, and it comes in sizes XS-3X.   If you are a busty gal, there is also a cutting line for extra room in the bodice.  This dress truly is flatting on every single figure.  Just Google for images. It has a full skirt but you can easily change it to A line or just narrow the skirt for less gathering.  The pattern gives you measurements to make the dress any length you desire.  I've seen it as a tunic and maxi dress!  Looks awesome with any cut.
The dress does not originally have pockets.  The sew a long tells you how to add the pockets based on the Sis Boom Angie pattern (which I also bought for $5!).
The sew a long ALSO gives instructions for how to make this dress nursing friendly!   Lot 'o' options!

I'm in love with this dress.  It's so comfortable.  Dress up or down or with a bolero when it's cool.
The only thing I changed was the zipper installation and length.  The pattern calls for a 14" zipper, which would make me cut off one pocket.  I only sewed the zipper to the top of my pocket (which was approximately 10").  I'm a pocket girl, I really didn't want to cut 1/2 of it out.
The shorter zipper works fine, but there is not enough room to get the dress over my hips.  I'm forced to take it off/put it on over my head.  Not a big deal for me.  If I had cut 1" off my pocket and used 11" of the zipper, it would have fit over my hips just fine.  

I took extra care to make sure my side checks would match up.  I did a pretty darn good job.

I forgot, I also changed the waist band.  Instead of doing pleats as the pattern suggest, I did two real pleats.  It was challenging because I made that decision at the last minute.  If you did it before sewing the outer and lining together, it would be much easier.  Box pleats would look lovely here too.

I'm not smooth enough yet to hid my remote.

I forgot to mention price.  I bought the patten for 50%, so it was only $5 and fabric was on super clearance at  I got 2.5 yards for $7.85.  I didn't use all of of the fabric.  I might have 1/2 yard left, so we'll call that $6.28.  So for a whopping $11.28, I have a dress I would wear every single day. Can't beat that price! My husband should be excited I have these skills!