Friday, July 26, 2013

I love Swoon Sewing Patterns!

I have recently pattern tested two bag patterns for Swoon Sewing Patterns.  I must say, these patterns are awesome!  Really, really great design.  
As an anti-diaper bag mama, I prefer a larger bag to carry all the kid stuff.  i have fallen madly in love with my Eleanor Slouchy Hobo.  You can see my pictures for it here.  Personally, I like cross body bags because when you pick up kids, put them down, pick up items they have throw out of the grocery cart, I don't want my bag falling off my shoulder and all the contents spilling out on the floor.  You know what I'm talking about; so embarrassing!  Well, the Eleanor's strap is the perfect length for cross body, so it will never fall off that shoulder while shopping.  It's also large enough for diapers, wipes, and sippy cups but not so big you feel like a pack mule.  The Eleanor is so comfortable laying on your hip or along your back for when you must carry your infant and toddler at the same time.  
Again, you know what I'm talking about!
The Dottie is a great bag when you are out and about when you don't have to carry items for 4.  You can see my pictures here.  It's also a great bag for a little girl to carry around her necessities.  And by necessities I mean Barbies, stickers, and princess hair ties.  

Yes, I am getting to the point now.  After these two bags, I decided I absolutely positively MUST have the Dorothy Day Tripper bag pattern

So here she is, my Dorothy. I really love it!  Great should strap length, nice and roomy interior without being bulky.  This would be the best carry-on bag for a flight.  You could fit a knitting project in this thing!  

I got all fancy pants and added piping to the interior as well. 

Love my Swoon bags!