Thursday, April 3, 2014

Swoon Dorothy Sewalong Day 4: Finish!

Last day! All that is left is putting everything together.

Take the zipper top and the exterior bottom panel.
Pin short sides together-move the lining top panel out of the way.

Following the piping stitching on the bottom panel, sew ends together.

Match up the other two short ends, right sides together.
Sew along piping stitching like before. 
Creating a large loop.

Do the same for the lining top panel and lining bottom.
Careful to only sew lining pieces and not exterior pieces.

Now, fold the seam allowance down toward the bottom piece.  Top stitch it down, just below your piping on the bottom piece.
Repeat for the other 3 seams.

Top stitching

Big loop.

Let's attach the main panels.
Fold your big loop, matching all top/bottom/piping seams.
Mark the center of the top panels on each side and each side of the bottom panels.

Grab the lining main panel with the zipper pouch.  Baste the bottom of the pocket piece to the bottom of the main panel at 1/4" SA.

We want to sew the lining together first.
Fold the main panel in half and mark the top and bottom centers.
Maneuver the zipper loop so the exterior pieces are out of the way.
Match the top and bottom center marks of the main panel and the loop.
Pin the lining main panel to one lining loop.  Pin top and bottom together first then pin around the sides.

Sew around, but leave 6 inches open at the bottom for turning.

Check it out.  Make sure everything is perfect.

Do the same for the other lining main panel but don't leave an opening.
If everything is good, trim lining seam allowances.

Are you hating met yet?!
We are so close to being finished!
Pin down your handles.

Here is where things get tricky.
Once again, fold your exterior main panel in half, mark top and bottom centers.
Match those with the center marks on the top and bottom of your loop.
Remember to move your lining pieces out of the way.  
Pin the main panel and loop right sides together.  Pin top and bottom centers first then the sides.
Sew together following the piping stitching.
Turn right side out.  Look closely at your work.  Make sure it is perfect.
If not, seam rip that area and sew again.

Repeat for other main panel.  Go slow.  This can be frustrating.

Turn your bag right side out through the hole we left open in the lining.
Check out your second panel.  Make sure everything got stitched correctly. I had a few spots to re-do!
Trim seam allowances.

When everything is together, stitch the lining opening closed.
If your bag is wrinkled, steam it back to life.
You're done! YAY!

Love and admire your new bag!

Thanks for joining the Dorothy sewalong!
Please provide any feedback you have-good or bad!  I always like to improve.