Friday, November 14, 2014

Swoon Dallas Duffel Bag

Toss out that old dirty sock smelling gym bag and get yourself a Swoon Dallas Duffel.

Dallas comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large.

I made size small. You could fit a 2 year old, a cat, a puppy, and a shot of espresso in there. Sounds like a party? You bet your sweaty workout clothes it is.

Dallas is a pretty straight forward bag.  If you've made any bag and installed any kind of zipper, you got this under control.

She has a long exterior vertical zipper.  Perfect for iPods, keys, and self tanner.
In addition to the handles, there are instructions for adding a shoulder strap.

The interior has a zipper pocket as well.  You could easily add slip pockets if desired.

Small: 16" x 8.5"
Medium: 20" x 10"
Large: 23" x 11.5"

  • 1 yard 54" wide duck cloth/home decor exterior fabric or 1.5 yards 44" wide
  • 1.5 yards 44" wide quiliting weight lining fabric (1.75 yards for large size)
  • 2 yards 5/32 cotton cording or 1 package premade piping
  • 1 yard fusible fleece (1.25 yards for large)
  • 4 yards Pellon Shapeflex 101 (3 yards for small; 5 yards for large
  • 0.75 yard Peltex 71F
  • 21" handbag zipper (17" for small, 24" for large)
  • 2 yards 1.5" webbing and 4 yards 1" webbing (optional)
  • Two  9" all purpose zippers
  • Two 1.5" swivel clips
  • One 1.5" strap slide
  • Two 1" D-rings
Dallas only takes a few hours.  She's super fast and simple.  

I almost wish I had a gym membership to show her off.    All the Wolves (the wanna-be sexy guys standing around doing nothing but curls but really staring at girls) would be jealous of.   No real loss there.  

We are taking a trip for the holidays, I shall use Dallas as my carry-on for all the crap the girls think they need on the airplane. But more importantly, bring back all the presents girls will receive.  And by 'girls', I secretly mean 'I'.

Until next time!