Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY Spooky Halloween Mummy Pillow

 I'm already thinking about and preparing for Halloween.  Finding decor that is spooky but not terrifying for the girls has proven difficult.  The best solution is to DIY it!
Today, I have a quick and fun Mummy Pillow tutorial.  

Not into mummies?  No problem, just change the fabric color and make any kind of monster you wish.  You could use black fabric for a bat or vampire, green with a black top for Frankenstein's monster, or orange for a jack-o-lantern.  Get creative!

  • Pillow form (any size; I used 19"x19")
  • 1.5" yards of white cotton fabric (flannel would work too) or any color you want your monster (less if using a smaller pillow)
  • Black embroidery thread or black fabric marker (white if you are making a black pillow)
  • Matching thread
Measure your pillow.  Mine is a 19" x 19".
I added 1/4" seam allowance.
Cut 2 pieces of your pillow measurements plus total seam allowance.
Mine was 19.5" x 19.5".

Draw the two eyes where you want them.
If you want to embroider: hand or machine, do that now.
If you will draw the eyes with a fabric marker, wait until later.

Also cut several strips 2.5" x the width of your pillow + 2-3 inches.
My strips were 2.5" by 22-23".
It took me 13 strips to cover my pillow as I desired.

 Lay the strips out as you like, keeping the eyes semi-visible.

Pin along all sides holding the strips in place.  Cut off excess strip ends.
Machine baste along all 4 edges at 1/4" seam allowance.

Pin down the centers of the strips that lay on top.
Sew lines along the top strips (edge to edge) to secure them down. These stitches will stay in so make sure you match your thread and fabric color.

Grab the other panel and place pillow panels right sides together.
Starting 1" from one corner, sew to corner, around 3 sides, and down 1" of original side.  Leave the rest of the 4th panel open for inserting the pillow form.
Clip corners and turn right side out.
Toss your mummy in the washing machine.  Wash and dry it.

Looks great! I cut off some of the long jumbled loose threads but kept the short ones.  I ironed out the super wrinkled strips.

If you wanted to embroider theeyes, hopefully you did it earlier.  I waited and it was hard to embroider after the pillow was done.
If you are using a fabric marker to draw the eyes, do that now.

Insert the pillow form.  Fold the open edges in by your seam allowance.  Pin and hand or machine stitch closed.

Snuggle him up!

I want to see the pillows you make!  Post your monster pillows over on Ali Cat & Co. Facebook page!