Sunday, January 19, 2014

Swoon Patterns Eloise Wallet Pattern Review

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Happy Sunday everyone! I trust you have had a great weekend thus far.
Daddy Ali Cat and I have been working hard to prepare for putting the house on the market.
Part of me is quite sad.  It is our first "home" together.  We've put a lot of money and heart into the house and it is quite lovely.  I will do a video walk through of it one day when it's clean.

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On to why you are here, the pattern review.  
Swoon Sewing Patterns released their first pattern of the year.  I have heard she is releasing 
one pattern per month this year.  Get ready!

January is the month of Eloise Wallet.

Exterior trifold compartment has 10 card slots and large money slot with snap closure.
The trifold compartment is sewn to the main compartment in a U shape, providing a secret pocket between the two.

The zip around main compartment has copious card slots, money slots and middle zipper pouch.
The zipper pouch is sewn in with an accordion on each side.
When sewing the accordions, I thought for sure I was doing something wrong. But when it was all together, it blew my panties off.  It's really bad ass.

 It's a lovely wallet.  However, she is difficult.
I would not suggest this pattern to someone who has not sewn a zipper, unless you are very patient.
I believe this pattern is an intermediate to advanced level.  With that said, it would be just as difficult for an advanced sewist as a beginner.  I wouldn't particularly said it's hard, you just need patience.
One more thing.  The pattern calls for a #5 exterior zipper.  Most local stores won't carry
that size.  The zippers you see at Joanns, Hancocks, Hobby Lobby are #3 (that's millimeters).
I highly recommend having #5.  It will look more professional and make zipping easier.
You can find #5 zippers at Wawak. There are also zipper shops on Etsy and other places as well.
What do you think about Eloise?  Leave me a comment!