Friday, January 17, 2014

Betty Sewalong Day 5: Attaching Exterior to Liner and Finishing

You made it!  Last day of the Swoon Betty sewalong!
Today is a quick and easy day; under 30 minutes.

Today we are attaching the interior to the exterior bag.

Attaching the Peltex
I did not use the Peltex, so I have no pictures, but it's not hard.
Place your two Peltex pieces non-fusible sides together and machine baste around
all 4 edges to attach them together.
Place inside the exterior bag, fitting it perfectly along the bottom.

Attach Lining to Exterior
1.  Take your interior bag, wrong side out, and put it into the exterior bag wrong sides together. 
The 1/2" seam allowance needs to be folded to wrong side. (Where my fingers are.)

2.  Line up the the seam allowances and zipper openings. I start at one zipper end, match the wrong sides at the seams and pin well.

3.  Pin interior to exterior along zipper along both sides.

4.  Pin the interior right up to the zipper teeth.

Closer picture of the distance between the interior and zipper teeth.  You want to make sure your interior covers the stitching made from when you sewed the zipper to the exterior top panels.

5.  Starting as close to end of the zipper as possible, stitch along previous zipper stitching. Sew along top panel until you reach the other side .  *There will be a small area on both zipper ends that you will not be able to machine sew.*
Repeat for the other side of the top panel/zipper.

What your interior and exterior will look like.

6.  You will have a small area on both zipper ends that you could not sew with your machine.  Take a needle and thread and hand stitch these areas down.

I do recommend a snug ladder stitch.  That is NOT what I did here, and it's not near as pretty as a ladder stitch would be.  You can find instructions for ladder stitch HERE.
(I am not associated with that blog in anyway, just thought the instructions were clear.) 
*With the ladder stitch, you will be stitching through the zipper (below the teeth) in order to pick up the exterior fabric and then back through the zipper to pick up interior.*

Peltex Finish
Press your iron onto the bottom of your bag to fuse Peltex to exterior and lining.


Admire your skills and love your new Swoon Betty Bowler Bag!

I encourage you to give feedback to Alicia at Swoon Patterns regarding the sewalong.  Good and bad comments are welcome; good are preferred though. 
I know some ladies are hoping for a Stella sewalong.  If there is enough positive interest in this sewalong, maybe we can do another soon!

Thank you!