Monday, November 25, 2013

Swoon Betty Bowler

Swoon Sewing Patterns participated in a Designers Challenge with Pattern Revolution and released the ever so lovely BETTY BOWLER! Oh how I love bowling bags.  Fun, classic, yet hip.
I made two Betty Bowling Bags.  
The first was as prescribed with middle stripes.  According to the pattern, the stripes should be wider, but I opted for more narrow in order to see more of the exterior yellow fabric.
Paired with piping and loops, this bag definitely has a professional look.
Also, the pattern calls for a stabilizer and fusible fleece adhered to the exterior pieces.  Purely as personal preference, I like a slightly less stuff bag and only use one or the other (stabilizer or fleece) depending on which I have on hand.

You can leave off the piping, but I believe it looks better with it.  Don't be scared of piping!  Swoon has a great tutorial on making and applying piping.  (Shh, I use store bought 90% of the time!)

Additionally, Betty has a 6" vertical exterior zipper pocket for your bowling accessories.  Who am I kidding, I don't bowl! She also attires two open interior pockets.  You could very easily add an interior zipper pocket as well.  I need to take an interior picture-she has a radical bag fabric!

Betty is an intermediate sewing pattern. It took 3 hours of actual sewing but probably two hours to cut and apply the stabilizer and fleece. However, don't shy away or be scared if you are a seasoned beginner!  The instructions are clear.  You can do it!