Sunday, October 20, 2013

Swoon Patterns GIRLS Cardigan!

About 2.5 weeks ago, I did a pattern review for Swoon Pattern's Women Cardigan.  You can see that post HERE.

Well now SWOON patterns, previously known as Paco Bean, but not to be confused with the artist formally known as Paco Bean, as released the cardigan in GIRL sizes!

This pattern LITERALLY took me one (1) hour to sew.  Very fast, very easy, great diagrams on how to sew the pieces together.  

I found a knit XL twin sheet set at Target for $9 a week or two ago and used that thin knit for this cardigan.  I LOVE it!  And I must also say that my little blond child looks great in hot pink.
I think ANY kind of knit is appropriate for this cardigan.  Whether thin, double knit, sweater knit, rib knit, etc.  Remember, the heavier the knit, the more drape you will get.

I will let Ali Cat sell the pattern to you...