Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Costume: Ballerina

Last Friday, Ali Cat Co was featured on That's What She Crafted.  You can see that post here.

But here it is as well!

Heeeeyy Party Girls! I am Brianne from Ali Cat & Co.  I've "known" the TWSC ladies for....well, only about 6 months...BUT I'd totally bail them out of jail if needed.  They are rock stars.  Seriously.  I didn't wait to be asked to guest blog post, I begged and bribed for a slot. They are that cool.  I NEEDED to be involved with the TWSC awesomeness.

So here I am.

About 6 weeks ago, I began asking my 3 year old what she wanted to be for Halloween.
Response: "A ballerina with a big tutu riding a pink horse"  PHEW!  Something easy.  I feared she'd say something crazy like "a globe" or "a giant chicken nugget" or "you're cooking bananas".  Where do children get this random nonsense? Well, I know EXACTLY where they pull it from, but am I allowed so say it????

Over the past weeks, I have periodically checked back in with her to confirm she still wanted to be a ballerina riding a horse.  Lucky duck me, she has continued to agree.  Last thing I wanted was for her to change her mind at the last minute.  That's the best way to drive a mama crazy.

I had two goals with this costume.  First:  Make something that she will LOVE.  Second:  make it wearable outside of Halloween.

Step 1:  Find a pink horse.  SCORE!  Found a pink stick horse.  She then demanded to make it a unicorn.  Hum...I did my best. haha.  Ok, probably not my best, but the damn thing now has a horn.

Step 2: Giant Tutu.  I immediately thought of Little Lizard King's Retro Glam Skirt.  I took my little munchkin to the fabric store with me and she picked out these two pink glittery satins.  She did a good job! The pattern calls for 10 panels each of triangles and scallops.  I did 18 each and gathered the skirt into the waist band.  I also added two layers of tulle for a small amount of poof.  I'm sure she would want more fullness. But to agree with goal #2, the skirt must be wearable daily without it appearing that she's parading around in a ridic tutu.

Step 3: Top.  I've been eyeing the Heidi and Finn Ballet Sweater for some time. I knew it would be perfect for the outfit as well as a great top to wear when it gets cool.  I measured the wee-one and decided to lengthen the sweater to turn in into a full shirt.  This was my first Heidi and Finn pattern.  If every pattern of her's is this awesome, I'm buying them ALL.  I highly recommend this pattern. Fast (2 hours) and easy and so very adorable. I totally want this sweater in my size.

Step 4: Leggings.  Once again, the Go To Pattern Leggings have been sitting in the queue for sometime.  I love all the options this pattern comes with, especially the peekaboo hole and bow.  The cuteness kills me!  I was also able to whip these up in 2 hours and that includes a whole lotta time spent on Facebook. Again, super simple and super cute.  Did I mention all the options with this pattern?  Yea, there are a lot of options. Me likey some options.

Final product all together. She LOVES the costume/outfit!  She did NOT want to take it off.  However, I'm one of those mean moms who put it away in the closet to not be worn until Halloween.  After that, she can wear it until it falls apart.

 Cheesin' out! 

So what do you think?
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