Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Swoon Cardigan Review

The lovely Alicia over at Swoon Sewing Patterns has done it again!  Another beautiful and easy pattern.
But it gets better-it's a WOMENS pattern!  I can't describe how much I love sewing for myself.  

Presenting Swoon Cardigan!

Size range is S-XXL.  Two sleeve options:  long and 2/3 (elbow-ish)
Irregular hem line for fun and princess seams for a great fit.

Super easy and fast pattern to sew.  She gives sewing options for using a serger OR French seams.
This pattern should definitely take less than 2 hours cut to finish.  I'm embarrassed to say that it took me longer because my knit choice is so thin, it kept slipping out from my fingers.  THEN I sewed a sleeve 45 degrees off.  I took extra care to rip that serged seam.

The instructions are only 1 (ONE) page long.  Yep, that easy!  She also provides an assembly diagram.  

The thing I love most about this pattern is the sleeve length.  They are nice and long.  I admit, I'm a knuckle dragger, so it's rare for me to find sleeves that are long enough.  I was beyond thrilled to find that I did not have to lengthen the sleeves.  Remember! If you need to shorten/length sleeves, do so around the elbow on the pattern so that you get the correct sleeve structure!  Don't just chop off at the wrist!