Monday, August 18, 2014

Swoon Glenda

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The August Swoon pattern is....GLENDA!

 Glenda is a perfectly sized clutch with a clip-on shoulder strap.
She easily fits a wallet, phone, pens, and all the other daily items needed.
With an interior zipper pocket, she'll keep those shark week items hidden.

She is also the perfect size for diapers and wipes. 
All rockin' moms carry a Glenda diaper clutch!

Sewing Information:

Finished sizes:
11" wide
6" tall

  • 1/2 yard exterior fabric
  • 2/3" yard lining fabric
  • 2 yards woven interfacing (Shapeflex SF101)
  • 2/3" yard fusible heavy stabilizer (Peltet 71f or 72f)
  • Two 1/2" D rings or O rings
  • Two 3/4"swivel clips
  • One magnetic snap or twist lock
  • One 9" all purpose zipper
Glenda is a fast bag to sew-only taking about 3 hours.  You can lengthen the strap to make a crossbody clutch.

Difficulty: 2 out of 4
Now, Glenda is not difficult but Peltex can be hard to manage.

Glenda sewing tips:
1.  Make sure the Peltex is 100% fused to the fabric.
2.  While Peltex does not have a grain, it does have a "rolling" direction.  Make sure to cut your stabilizer in the direction that it rolls to prevent puckers.
3.  Slow slowly, careful to not let the Peltex separate from your fabric.
4. When sewing the sides, start with the lining as practice. On the exterior sides, it can be helpful to sew the sides in parts.  Start at the bottom middle and sew up to the side.  Then move back down to the bottom and sew up to the other side.